The bloody cruel U.S. Imperialism is inflicting oppression primarily on its own people


US Imperialists are not just drowning the world in blood and fire. They exploit first of all, its own Working Class and especially people like Blacks (Negroes), Hispanics, Immigrants, etc.  in the most despicable way.

The USA is currently the most economically and militarily powerful country in the world.

For this reason, it is the US Imperialists who plunder the world’s underground and aboveground wealth the most. And he uses it for his own economy. And now, it is making huge investments and developing new technologies in order to continue its exploitation not only on Earth but also in space and to take over space economically and militarily.

Accordingly, the most powerful, largest and most advanced espionage organizations that use the most advanced technologies also belong to the USA.

And therefore, it can instantly get information about what is happening anywhere in the world and develop precautions accordingly. In other words, he can foresee some things. This enables it to direct its political, economic and military policies.

The USA is known as the “land of freedom” and the “land of opportunity”. For this reason, young people from many countries of the world come to the USA as a “Brain Drain” in order to access the opportunities it provides and realize their “dreams”, and offer their knowledge and skills to the service of the US Imperialists.

So, when we look at it, the USA is a center of attraction in many aspects.

However, the USA is inevitably a country full of contradictions. Because in order to achieve such great economic and military power, it is necessary to exploit a lot of surplus value. It is necessary to exploit the working class and other laboring segments to the core. The US Imperialists are doing this until the end. But they are not satisfied with this, and due to the economic power they have achieved, they engage in exploitation, robbery, plunder and looting all over the world.

It gives some of the riches it has plundered from the underground and surface wealth of almost every part of the world, from the American continent to Oceania, from Africa to the Middle East, Europe, from the Balkans to the Caucasus, as a “hush fee” to the people of its own country, and in this way, they can tie a certain group to their interests and use them to continue their system of exploitation and profiteering.

While the USA is known as the “land of freedom”, it is also one of the countries where freedoms are most restricted. Maybe it’s the first one. This is entirely the case, especially when we compare it to its economic power. In other words, the National Wealth produced by the Working Class and Laborers is not equally distributed, on the contrary, it is distributed most unequally in the USA.


The richest people of the world are in the USA. Once, these ones were being called ‘Dollar Billionares’ and were a separate category in terms of wealth comparison. To reach these wealthy people was almost impossible. Moreover, currently it is also impossible. And these rich people are not being called ‘Dollar Billionares’ anymore, they are called ‘Centi Billionaire’ as an upper category. And their wealth is not like 1-2, 5-10 billion dollars. Their personal wealth is around 100-150-250 billion dollars.

For instance, the first ten are as follows:

1- Elon Musk ($251 billion / Tesla),

2- Jeff Bezos ($161 billion / Amazon),

3- Larry Ellison ($158 billion / Oracle),

4- Warren Buffet ($121 billion / Berkshire Hataway), 5 – Larry Page ($114 billion / Google),

6- Bill Gates ($111 billion / Microsoft),

7- Sergey Brin ($110 billion / Google),

8- Mark Zuckerberg ($106 billion / Meta),

9- Steve Ballmer ($96.3 billion / Bloomberg Lp),

10- Michael Dell ($71.5 billion / Dell Tech)

( -turkish-who-are-the-richest-list-2126841).

These personal fortunes belong to “Centi” billionaires. There are also company values ​​that are difficult to even pronounce…

That list is as follows:

1-Apple- 3 trillion 50 billion dollars,

2- Microsoft- 2 trillion 532 billion dollars,

3-Saudi Aramco- 2 trillion 80 billion dollars,

4-Alphabet- 1 trillion 527 billion dollars,

5- Amazon- 1 trillion 337 billion dollars,

6- NVIDIA- 1 trillion 44 billion dollars,

7- Berkshire Hathaway- 829 billion dollars,

8- Meta Platforms- 745 billion dollars,

9- Tesla- 735 billion dollars. (

As we see, these figures are the values ​​of only 1 (one) single company. These centi billionaires also own many other companies. And their value is around 50-100-150 billion dollars…



So what is the Minimum Wage of a worker in the USA?

Minimum Wage in the USA is calculated per hour. It is calculated on an average of 40 hours per week and varies from state to state. However, the lowest hourly wage is $7.25. The highest is $15.50. So, it varies between $1160 and $2480 per month.

What is the Average Wage?

That is on average $7000.

Do you see the difference, the gap, the inequality and injustice?

These economic inequalities inevitably lead to social inequalities.

This also happens in the USA. The country with the highest number of “Homeless” people, called “Homeless” in English, is the USA.

Economic and social inequalities in the USA emerged in a way that no one can deny, and at their most extreme, during the Covid Pandemic.

Accessing the healthcare system in the USA, one of the countries with the highest level of medical development is almost impossible for the poor, the unemployed, blacks and other minority groups. Because there is no state health insurance. In the USA, you get health care “as much as you can afford”. The more health insurance you have, the more you’ll get. What if there isn’t?

You die! There is no end to it;You die!We saw this clearly during the Covid-19 Pandemic, which we experienced a year or two years ago and affected the whole world.

When we look at population and wealth, the most people in the world died in the USA. 1 in 6 of the world’s Covid-19 deaths occurred in the USA… And the death toll exceeded 1 million. And a large portion of these deaths, almost all of them, were the poor, blacks, Hispanics, etc.

Now we would like to convey to you an article that sheds light on our subject. If you want to see the graphics in the article, you will need to click on the link at the end of the quote below.


9 charts that reveal the extent of racial inequality in the USA

Social and economic data reveal two different Americas for white and black Americans in terms of education, incarceration, wealth and health

Anthony Cuthbertson @ADCuthbertson

Friday 5 June 2020

Black Americans have lower incomes, higher incarceration rates and lower survival prospects than white Americans (The Independent)

Although 155 years have passed since the end of slavery in the United States and half a century since the repeal of segregation laws, inequality between white and black Americans continues to exist in every aspect of life. (…)

Social and economic data reveal that systemic racism in the United States manifests itself in everything from asset imbalances to death rates in the coronavirus pandemic.


When looking at those killed, black Americans were 2.5 times more likely to be killed than white Americans.


Data from the US Department of Justice Bureau of Judicial Statistics (BJS) and the US Census Bureau also reveal the large disproportion in the population in US prisons in terms of racial affiliation.

Between 2008 and 2018, black people were 6 times more likely to receive prison sentences than white people.

High incarceration rates are also a contributing factor to high unemployment rates due to difficulty finding employment due to criminal records.This is one of several socio-economic factors that have caused the black unemployment rate to remain at around twice the white unemployment rate over the past 50 years.

A recent measurement reveals stark racial disparities in the United States regarding coronavirus death rates.

With an average of 55 deaths per 100,000 black Americans, the black death rate is nearly 2.5 times that of white Americans.


There is not a single significant measure of how black people in the United States are better off than white people on a national scale.

“All measures of education, wealth, and health show that white Americans have significant advantages over black Americans.” (

When the graphs are examined, the dimensions of inequality and injustice increase much more. Because the above quotes are data about Black people. These numbers include Hispanics, etc. When minorities are added, the situation becomes much more dire.

And as a current example of inequalities in the USA, we report the news below.


Black Americans get Alzheimer’s more often because of racism


Structural racism in the USA is thought to be one of the factors that increases the likelihood of black people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

It has been stated that black people in the United States are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than white people.

According to data from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 14 percent of black Americans over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s disease, while this rate remains at 10 percent for whites.

Black people are also less likely to be diagnosed correctly, and their families have to fight harder to get treatment from a medical system that is often rife with prejudice.

By 2060, Alzheimer’s cases in black Americans are expected to increase four times today.

Although some risk factors vary by race, it is not correct to explain this difference between races with genetic factors alone.

Risk factors are higher for black people

Most problems start early in life. Health problems that constitute risk factors such as heart diseases and diabetes are more common in the black population. This is due to factors such as black people living closer to polluting industries and a lack of healthy food options.


In addition to depression, high blood pressure, obesity and chronic stress, poverty also increases the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s.

Generally speaking, black people do not receive the same quality of health care throughout their lives compared to white people. Therefore, inadequate access to treatment, especially high-quality treatment, increases the risk factors that lead to the mentioned health problems.

As a result, it becomes difficult to access treatment that will alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Black people also experience the effects of the hidden racism they encounter throughout their lives.

Impact of racism

According to Dr. Carl Hill, an official of the Alzheimer’s Association of the USA, racism is a trauma that causes increased stress and, over time, turns into health problems such as inflammation, which causes a decrease in cognition.


“Due to structural racism that creates insufficient access to health, medicine and housing, those who are exposed to racism and discrimination are not provided with a way to reduce their risks.”

“For this reason, Hill states that black people have received a “double punch.” (



We do not want to extend our article any further.

Bloody Cruel bandit USA is the arch thug state, economic, social, cultural etc. It is one of the countries where all kinds of inequality are experienced most intensely. And this Bloody Cruel state will surely collapse!

First, his exploitation all over the world will be put to an end by the people of the world, and then his own people will put an end to this oppressor. The arch-enemy of this human race is the imperialist…

Let’s end our article with a poem by Michael Gold, an American communist poet, writer and activist who was born in New York on April 12, 1894, and died in California on May 14, 1964.

(We quote this poem from the book titled “Lenin through the Eyes of Writers and Artists”, published by Yordam Kitap in 2017.)

The poem was written in 1929, for Lenin, the Eagle of Revolutions and Immortal Leader of the World Proletariat and People. 120 Million


They told me to love my country, America,

But where is America?

While traveling across oceans, I did not see any nation.

I saw 120 million,

Those who hate each other

fighting each other,

Competing for money.

America is not alone

A lot.

While the white man burns the Negro alive,

The boss of the factory whips the child workers,

The soldier shoots the miner,

The soldier shoots the weaver.

This is the land of enemies.

I saw the sun gliding over the Rocky Mountains.

I saw the wheat fields swinging on the plains.

I have seen millions of American flowers.

I listened to the songs of American birds.

It is a strong and beautiful land.

I, a worker, was struck by him.

But how can I love those who kill workers?

America, I cannot worship your God of Money,

The heart of this beast is a Ford car,

His brain is a cheap Hollywood movie,

The cities are raging metallic nightmares,

The ritual is fur coats, silk stockings,

Those who worship it die from overeating.

Their victims die of starvation.

Who killed Sacco and Vanzetti?

Not you, oh Mississippi River.

Who usurped the world’s gold?

Not you, O Allegheny Mountains.

Who killed Germans for profit?

Not you, O American fields and forests,

It is a strong and beautiful land,

But the world hates its new oppressor.

Europe and Asia are preparing for a new war,

That destruction, defeat, sadness will come

To you, fat America.

Lenin will walk among your 120 million,

Ultimately, Lenin

Sooner or later Lenin

Lenin! Lenin!


I see the bloody birth you will bring.

I see fire and ashes,

And my own country will rise from the ashes.

I see 120 million in peace.

A Hammer-Sun by day,

At night I see a Sickle-Moon,

In a shining new America,

In Workers’ and Peasants’ America.


And we are celebrating the October Revolution once again by writing our article today, November 7, 2023, which is the 106th anniversary of the Great October Revolution.

And we once again express our belief that we will realize the Democratic People’s Power, which will end economic and social inequalities in our own country, and transition to the Socialist order.

Those days will come. It will definitely come…

07 November 2023





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