The US. Bandit, The Archenemy of the Human Race! You couldn’t defeat the Cuban People and Leadership who were saying “Patria o Muerte” in the past and you won’t be able to do that today!


The US. Imperialists!

The Bloody Tyrant, Archenemy of the Peoples of the World!

Haven’t you learned any lesson from the defeat you suffered in the Bay of Pigs Landing with about 1300 counter-revolutionaries who were dehumanized and sold everything for money?

Haven’t you escaped from the anger, resentment and hatred of the Cuban People who clenched behind their leader, called out “Homeland or Death!” and were passionate about the Revolution in that vile counter-revolution attempt?

Were you able to intimidate the Cuban People and their leadership with the economic blockade you have been implementing for 60 years?

You killed Heroic Guerrilla Che, one of the leaders of the revolution, but were you able to clear off Che’s struggle, memory and revolutionism from the hearts of the Peoples?

You made hundreds of assassination attempts against Comrade Fidel, the valiant leader of the Cuban People. You mobilized all your means to discredit Fidel from the Peoples’ hearts. However, were you able to prevent the Cuban People from adopting their leader and addressing him “Our Fidel”?

You will fail again!

You will be defeated again!

You will lose again!

The provocations you have made all over the world will get you nowhere. They will not harm the Cuban People and Leadership.

They experienced freedom and they won’t let it go.

They won independence at the cost of their blood, they will not surrender and they will not hand it over.

They have experienced the blessings and gains of Socialism; they will not let them go even if you kill them.

They live and experience happiness, they enjoy the Revolution; they will not bind themselves to shackles that will make them suffer and take away their lives.

On Sunday, July 11, a piece of news was brought to the agenda as so called “the biggest opposition demonstration in Cuba since the Revolution”. Media led by Imperialist Jackals immediately began to distort the events. They are already accustomed to manipulating events from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, turning hundreds to thousands and pretending that an event did not happen. They do not tell how the US Imperialist Bandit destroyed the freedoms of the Peoples of the world; but they try to show the counter-revolutionary yawps of a handful of sold-outs as “Freedom”. But they do not show the confrontation of thousands of Cubans chanting “Yo soy Fidel!” against these US-led jackals. They do not show the President of Cuba walking together with his People shoulder to shoulder. And they do not publish the following courageous addressing of the Cuban People’s Leader Miguel Díaz-Canel:

“We will not allow the sold out counter-revolutionaries, mercenaries, and those who are paid by the US Ministries working for the USA and its Empire, to destroy the stability of the country through ideological destruction methods. There will be a revolutionary response for this. I am calling on the revolutionaries and communists of this country. Take to the streets. Go to the places where these provocations occurred.”

This is the voice of Fidel, Heroic Guerilla Che and Camilo.

This is the voice of hundreds of thousands of Cubans saying “Patria o muerte!” in the Bay of Pigs Landing.

This is a firm chant to the whole world that the Cuban People and Leadership will not give up on the Revolution and Socialism.

This is the proof that Cuba will continue to fly the flag of Socialism at its highest.

This shows the Peoples of the world that Comrade Fidel’s revolutionary tradition continues: “The imperialists can sink our island, but they can never change our socialist system.”

Especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Peoples of the World witnessed how Socialist Cuba rushed to the aid of the Peoples of the World in a sacrificing way in spite of the economic blockade of the imperialists.

The peoples saw how Socialist Cuba took all the risks to keep the people alive while the imperialists were sending their own people to death.

For the last two years, Socialist Cuba has once again grown in the eyes of the Peoples of the World, once again they have become hope, once again they have won the favor of the Peoples of the World. And the Peoples of the World once again saw humanity in the presence of Socialist Cuba. They remembered the forgotten values or the values that were made forgotten while watching Socialist Cuba’s struggle for humanity.

This reality or what the Peoples of the World have witnessed about Socialism has become very hard on the archenemy of the USA Bandit. According to them, Socialism, that is, Socialist Cuba, must be discredited or it must lose the favor of the Peoples of the World. They have been manipulating and setting their imperialist plots to destabilise Cuba. The USA is trying once again the same things just in vain. The US Imperialists know that it won’t happen.

Because they find a united and organized people against them.

Because they are faced with a people who have made the slogan “El pueblo unido jamás será vencido” a part of their lives.

The Cuban People and Leadership will emerge even stronger from these attacks.

What does Comrade Fidel say about the blockade and attacks of the USA Jackal that have been going on for years?

“It has had a positive impact on our Revolution. It gave us the will to fight, it provided us the spirit to fight.” This counter-revolutionary provocation will bring nothing to the Cuban People and Leadership other than this determination and spirit. As Comrade Fidel says; “The distinctive characteristic of a communist is his opposition to oligarchies, exploitation and imperialism.” It was seen in the provocation of the US. Imperialists that the Cuban People showed that they stood against oligarchies, exploitation and imperialism by taking to the streets on the call of their Leader Miguel Díaz-Canel, repelling the counter-revolutionaries.

As the People’s Liberation Party (HKP), we strongly stand by the Cuban People and Leadership just as we have always been. Our Leader Nurullah Ankut expresses our belief that will never change as follows:

“The Cuban People will remain Marxist-Leninist and socialist as long as this world and humanity exist in the world. And they will continue to be the honour of humanity”

We know that the Cuban Revolution has always kept alive the consciousness of the peoples of the world to resist imperialism and to march against the winds of reactionary. And it will always keep alive.

Our Leader Nurullah Ankut calls out to the Cuban People and Leader:

“Cuba’s victory is our own victory. Cuba’s honor is our own honor. Because we are people who fight for the same ideal of humanity. And today we are the representatives of the same army in different parts of the world who wage the same war against the world’s Chief Bandit, USA Imperialism.”

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!


Down with USA Imperialism!

We are the people, we are right, we will win!

July 13, 2021

People’s Liberation Party

Central Office

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