Stoltenberg, the blood shedder Secretary General of NATO, the EU-US imperialists’ war organization; get out of our country! Yankee go home!


With an action organized in Barbaros square in Beşiktaş, İstanbul, we protested the US-EU imperialists’ war organization NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s polluting our homeland by arriving in Turkey with the aim of dictating the new orders to AKP’s cadres, who are their servants and collaborators. Kıvılcım Çolak, our young comrade, did the press release during the protest action. Here we publish the full text of the press release that we organized against the arrival of the representative of the bloody cruel US-EU imperialists, Stoltenberg, in our country.


Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, the US-EU imperialists’ bloody war organization, is coming to our country to dictate his despicable plans.

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, the war device of the imperialist bandits, has been polluting our country with his ominous body since yesterday. Protesting the representatives of US imperialism, which takes away the angel of death with itself, leaving traces of blood on everywhere they go, is one of biggest duties of the members of People’s Liberation Party, the real revolutionaries and patriots.

Last March, Wendy Sharman, the foreign minister of killer USA came to our country with the same imperialist’s purposes. At that time, the reason of her visit was to dictate first-hand their orders on the subject of military operations of Russia to Ukraine. The reason for why the representatives of US imperialists came today is also the same. On one side, they say to the cadres of AKP “Be careful about the relationships with Russia”, on the other side they will remind their puppets of what they should do about Middle East and Black Sea.

What are these duties?

Firstly, as we know, the Greater Middle East and Extended Africa Project, that seeks to divide Middle East into several pieces, deterritorialize millions of people, killing millions of them. The other one is the Extended Black Sea Project that aims to spread to east with the same imperialist goals of USA and NATO while surrounding Russia and turning Black Sea into a pool of blood.

The bloody representative of NATO is coming to give orders about these despicable plans. He comes to check, whether or how the previous orders have been fulfilled by their puppets. He comes to say “Don’t touch my local forces in Middle East”. He comes to say “Don’t step out of line, know your place, don’t look for owners other than us”. He comes to say “You can strike against us as much as we allow, and it is for putting the people to sleep, but do not go beyond the limit”. He comes to say “We appointed you as the Co-President of Greater Middle East Project; do your best in this position”.

In short, the Secretary General of NATO, the military massacre organization of the greatest enemy of the human race, this “Mad Dog”; is coming to supervise his projects that will divide our country into at least three parts within the scope of the Greater Middle East Project. He is coming to break the millennial brotherhood between the Turkish and Kurdish Peoples. They have destroyed the secular republic together with their collaborators, they reduced the Turkish Army to the position of “security guard”, and now, he comes to see the wreck. “Mad Dog” comes to Turkey to check if there is any remaining from pro-Mustafa Kemal, Secular and Patriotic Turkish Army.

Representatives of the imperialist monster do not set foot in a country for the good. These treads are not for the interest of the peoples living on the lands they set foot on. The last 70 years of world history clearly proves this fact. The US Imperialist monsters are responsible for all the wars, the enmities between peoples, the division of countries, and all the suffering of the peoples in the last 70 years. These sufferings will continue to be experienced as long as the peoples do not pour lime on these Imperialist “Mad Dogs” and destroy their traces and dust. Blood, tears, death will not end for the peoples. They will continue to live in hell on earth.

The antidote to US-EU Imperialism is the People’s Power. That’s why the movements of the peoples disturb US imperialists. That’s the reason behind their attack to everywhere like mad dog. This is why they provoke the so called people who have sold their souls and given up their humanity. This is why they create Caligulas wherever they set foot.

Can a murderous state like the USA or a bloody war organization like NATO bring peace to any part of the world?

Can the people live in peace in the regions where these imperialist forces set foot on?

The answer to these questions is unique and very clear. No, no good or peace will come to any part of the world from the US Imperialism and the war organization NATO. Only blood, tears, pain and cruelty come together with the imperialist forces.

Does the representative of NATO, the war organization of the world’s chief bandit US imperialism, travel from one end of the world to the other to discuss good-willed and peaceful matters with his servants in other countries?

The answer to this question is also very clear. No, he never comes for such purposes. He only comes to dictate orders to his collaborators that will cause more suffering to humanity.

This is why we are protesting the representative of US imperialism, Jens Stoltenberg. And we’re telling him to get the hell out of our land.

A hundred years ago in this country, under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal, our ancestors fought with arms against the most powerful imperialist bandits of those times; England, France, Italy, etc.

And they successfully concluded our First Anti-Imperialist War of National Liberation and expelled the imperialist monsters from these lands and sent them back as they came.

However, these imperialist monsters were kicked out of the gate and entered our country through the chimney. Unfortunately, Turkey hasn’t been governed by Turkey itself since 1950, but the US imperialism and their most shining collaborators.

However, for all that, People’s Liberation Party, which says “Independence or Death” and says “Independence is My Character” in our country, is fighting honorably and bravely to conclude our Second Independence War victoriously. We will dismiss US-EU imperialists together with their collaborator governments forever from this land, just like our ancestors did the same against the whole imperialist world a hundred years ago. And in our country, in our territory, in the whole world, we will definitely establish a truly just order in which there will be no war, and where people will not exploit other people. We will get socialism dominated the world. And in this way, we will establish the true peace all over the world. Then, as Comrade Fidel Castro said; “All humanity will live in fraternity like a single family”.

We are the people, we are right, we shall overcome!
Killer USA, get out of our country!
Killer NATO, get out of our country!

November 4, 2022
HKP Head Office

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